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"...very impressed with their six song debut, mostly for the songwriting, but there are also some interesting production touches as well..." – Richard Milne, WXRT's Local Anesthetic (link)
"...Needless to say, I was pleased. They’ve written some really catchy, guitar-driven songs that I had to share...heavily guitar-driven, but incorporates horns, organs, and lots of other fun instruments to keep it interesting. They cross over into pop with extremely catchy chorus melodies, but not too much so that I find it repetitive or boring." – Tight Mix Blog (link)
"Maru is a fine debut from an exciting young band..." – The Deli Chicago Magazine (link)
"Their playfully poppy EP Maru contains all of the aforementioned and delivers their spin on indie rock swaddled in a crisp sheet of 60’s era beach rock. Songs like "Jungle" and "Last Words" have the elasticity of a superball and are guaranteed to bounce around in your head for days after your first encounter with Maru." – Reviewsic (link)
"These dapper gents play power pop just the way I like it: quick and quirky...The sunny, tight hooks of their music [were] reminiscent of anything from They Might Be Giants to the Apples in Stereo, depending on the song....Completely un-self-conscious, they played through their set of 140 BPM gems with poise and genuine abandon. And have I mentioned the songwriting? Clever, but not in the way that makes you roll your eyes. Any band that can incorporate the line “you’re like a cancerous cyst” with a wry smile is OK by me." – Big Shoulder Beat (link)
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