New show! Come see us at Martyrs' on May 26th at 8:00pm!
Another show announced! We're playing Reggie's Music Joint March 21st!
Thanks to everyone for coming out to see us at the Modern Post!
New show announced!! Silhavey will be playing at Reggie's Music Joint next month with Drawn From Bees!
Thanks to everyone for coming out to see us at The Skyline, and big thanks to The Poison Control Center!
Two new shows: come see us at the Skyline in Valpo on February 15, and at the Modern Post in Schererville on February 26th!
Happy New Year From Silhavey!
Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the Subterranean! Big Shoulder Beat has a great write up of the show if you missed it!
Silhavey unveils their video in support of the March To Keep Fear Alive and the Rally To Restore Sanity (aka the Colbert Rally)
Check out Silhavey mentioned on The Music Slut!
Big show on October 13th at the Subterranean! You can go buy tickets right now!
Amazing review from the Tight Mix Blog! Also check us out at Absolute Punk's Free Music Friday and Legal Free Downloads.
Happy Labor Day! We've just announced our next show: Friday, September 17th, at the Underground lounge at 8:00pm.
Silhavey appeared on WXRT's Local Anesthetic show on Sunday, as well as the capsule on Monday!
Listen to Silhavey on WXRT's Local Anesthetic Sunday, August 15th! Broadcast starts at 7:30PM.
Vote for Silhavey for Chicago Artist of the Month at The Deli Chicago!
Silhavey will play live at the Elbo Room at 8:00pm on Sunday, August 22nd.
Silhavey launches the first "Web Site" on the Global Internet Service.


Welcome to Silhavey. We are a rock band from Chicago. We'd like for you to listen to the rock music we make. Our first album is an EP we call Maru.

"...very impressed with their six song debut, mostly for the songwriting, but there are also some interesting production touches as well..." – Richard Milne, WXRT's Local Anesthetic (link)
"...Needless to say, I was pleased. They’ve written some really catchy, guitar-driven songs that I had to share...heavily guitar-driven, but incorporates horns, organs, and lots of other fun instruments to keep it interesting. They cross over into pop with extremely catchy chorus melodies, but not too much so that I find it repetitive or boring." – Tight Mix Blog (link)
"Maru is a fine debut from an exciting young band..." – The Deli Chicago Magazine (link)
"Their playfully poppy EP Maru contains all of the aforementioned and delivers their spin on indie rock swaddled in a crisp sheet of 60’s era beach rock. Songs like "Jungle" and "Last Words" have the elasticity of a superball and are guaranteed to bounce around in your head for days after your first encounter with Maru." – Reviewsic (link)
"...power pop just the way I like it: quick and quirky...The sunny, tight hooks of their music [were] reminiscent of anything from They Might Be Giants to the Apples in Stereo...And have I mentioned the songwriting? Clever, but not in the way that makes you roll your eyes." – Big Shoulder Beat (link)

Listen to it on our music player!

Want to skip straight to downloading the album for free? Just click here.

Maru Album Cover

Click on the album to listen to it or find out more about it. You can navigate the site using the circles at the top right. Find out where we will perform our rock music, learn more about the band, or look at pictures we have taken. Enjoy.

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